How To Make Your Site Stand Out From The Rest Of The Competition

As points out, there are around 3 billion internet users but only about a billion websites. When you think about what these numbers, you’ll probably realize just how much competition there is out there. Still, don’t be discouraged because on average there are websites that dominate any given niche and attract the vast majority of users interested in that niche. In addition, a lot of those websites aren’t commercial; they are personal or just junk sites that aren’t real online businesses. says:

“Before you give up and resign yourself to internet anonymity, take a second look! The internet is growing because demand is growing. The customer base is huge! This is your opportunity to become “the next big thing”, if you can execute successfully…”

So, here are some tips and tricks to become the mainstay website in your niche, whatever it is:

Consider Your Audience

If you can get a good grasp of who your audience is, you’ll be able to generate the kind of content to attract and engage these people as soon as they enter your site. Even your marketing efforts will start generating a greater result, since the kind of visitors coming your way will be much more interested in what you have to say, meaning many people who visit will become hooked for life, buying your products and services.

Hence, invest some time to figure out the needs of your audience, how you can fulfill those needs and the best way to communicate your content to them.

Keep Your Audience Enticed

A good metric to keep in mind is that all content put on your website should please the largest proportion of your audience. When you listen to marketing experts discuss how important it is to have compelling content, that’s what they mean. In essence, you want to make your audience feel like you’re always there for them regardless of what’s going on, since this will have a massive effect of building trust between you and your audience, which means they will purchase products and services from you rather than from your competition.

This is the kind of high-quality content that Google appreciates as well, giving you a boost up the search result ranking. All in all, it’s a comprehensive win-win for you, search engines, your visitors and those who are about to become your visitors.

Find Out Why Certain Pages Have High Exit Rates

You should be living and breathing your website analytics, especially the exit rate, which is the spot where a visitor is most likely to click away to a different website. Keep in mind that this does not include the pages where it’s expected for a visitor to leave, such as after completing a purchase.

As explains:

“What about the rest of the Exit Pages? Is it logical that your site visitors did not see any reason to spend more time on your site? Why is it that they did not see value in clicking through to any more of your pages? How can you transform weak web pages into remarkably effective pages that stand out in your site visitors’ minds?”

As you figure out what’s making your audience bail out, you’ll be increasing how long your visitors stay with you, which also increases the chances they’ll make a purchase or do as you want them to.

Eye Candy Is Crucial

Humans are visual creatures, what with some 80% of information we get from the outside world being through our eyes. You want to add meaningful and beautiful images to your website but also figure out a way to help colorblind visitors not get a headache by putting in proper amounts of contrast. This creates comfort and makes visitors choose your website over any of the competitors’. If you feel lacking in the artistic department for this kind of work, try to find a graphic designer who is willing to